Etee Reusable Food Wraps Review – Does It Work? The Scam Exposed!

What is Etee Reusable Food Wraps? Is Etee Reusable Food Wraps Scam or Legit? Read our honest Etee Reusable Food Wraps Review Until Think to Invest in this Etee Reusable Food Wraps Ingredients by Steve Reble!!!

Product Name: Etee Reusable Food Wraps

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Etee Reusable Food Wraps Review

Etee Reusable Food Wraps Review

Are you using plastic wrap in your home to preserve your food? To store leftovers? Or maybe even to transport snacks? If so, did you know that a recent study done by the University of Exeter has shown that over 86% of people have traces of Bisphenol A (commonly known as BPA) in their digestive system from plastic? Yuck! Plastic containers, plastic bottles, plastic bags…plastic is EVERYWHERE! Single use plastics are an epidemic that is filling our landfills with non-compostable trash and leaving millions of people with harmful toxins in their bodies.

Luckily our friends at Etee have developed an innovative organic, 100% biodegradable solution to this problem. named Etee Reusable Food Wraps created by Steve Reble, They are natural beeswax food wraps which can be used to store, preserve and transport food in a method that rids the world of harmful plastic.

Etee has spent over three years developing their proprietary wax formula which includes natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, coniferous tree resins and more!  Most importantly they are: 100% Organic, Biodegradable, Handmade in Toronto, ON  Reusable & more!

What is Etee Reusable Food Wraps Ingredients?

Have you ever heard of King Tut? He’s the most renowned Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. And we know all about him because his tomb was discovered in the 1920s. His body had been preserved for more than 3,000 years using beeswax and coniferous tree resins.“Coniferous resins, the scientists [Stephen Buckley and Richard Evershed, of the University of Bristol] explain, can slow microbial degradation, whereas beeswax has antibacterial properties and serves as a sealant.” (Scientific American). So we applied those same principles to food preservation and storage and added a few additional ingredients…

  • ORGANIC BEESWAX: Beeswax provides an antibacterial seal over perishables. We also added a touch of non-gmo soy wax to our recipe to make the wraps stickier, which helps it to adhere to bowls.
  • CONIFEROUS TREE RESINS: Coniferous tree resin helps to prevent the beeswax from cracking when cooled, while also slowing microbial degradation.
  • ORGANIC JOJOBA OIL: Organic Jojoba oil is antibacterial and helps to soften the wax, making the wraps more malleable and tacky.
  • ORGANIC CINNAMON ESSENTIAL OIL: Organic Cinnamon Essential Oil adds antibacterial properties, while also offsetting the sweet honey aroma.
  • ORGANIC CLOVE ESSENTIAL OIL: Organic Clove Essential Oil is antibacterial and off-sets the sweet aroma of the beeswax.
  • HEMP & ORGANIC COTTON: All our ingredients are infused in a blended hemp (55%) & organic cotton (45%) muslin fabric that is dyed with non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes.

Etee Reusable Food Wraps’ve even managed to partner with Etee and provide our readers with special packages and options. This innovative solution is an incredible way to say goodbye to single use plastics. In the words of Etee: “Ditch the plastic and join our revolution!” inside discover how the wraps can be activated and used as bowl toppers, snack pouches, sandwich bags and more. These are a must have for the kitchen! This Etee Beeswax Food Wraps Simply warm them in your hands and wrap them around produce, bowls, sandwiches, nuts, snacks, cheese and cooked / smoked meats – virtually any perishable. The wraps stick to themselves and provide a clean and protective seal.

After use, simply rinse in cold water – hot water will reduce the wax coating – and wash with an eco-friendly soap (avoid alcohol based soaps) and a soft sponge, just like you would a plate or bowl. Once clean you can either hang to dry or use a towel and re-use immediately. They may – with certain foods like pomegranate – develop a darker patina, but as long as you keep working them they’ll keep delivering freshness.

How Well Etee Reusable Food Wraps Works for You?

Etee developed a unique innovation that really is a better way to preserve your food. This convenient, all-natural, reusable and biodegradable solution is better for your health, your food, and your earth! using its ingredients to discover how organic cotton and hemp, infused with organic beeswax, tree resins, and natural essential oils….can revolutionize the way you store your food.

1) It can help preserve your food longer, by allowing it to breathe

2) You can “Say Goodbye to Plastic Wrap” (and it’s harmful chemicals)

3) It will significantly reduce the amount of plastic and food you throw away.


Etee Reusable Food Wraps Simply warm them in your hands and wrap them around produce, bowls, sandwiches, nuts, snacks, cheese and cooked / smoked meats – virtually any perishable. The wraps stick to themselves and provide a clean and protective seal. On average, each sheet should get about 120 – 150 uses, but it ultimately depends on how often and how intensively and for what purpose you use them. Some people will get a year out of them – especially when used as bowl toppers – while others who beat them up on a daily basis may get closer to 5 / 6 months.

Some More Information

  • 100% organic and non-GMO
  • Hand made in Toronto, ON
  • Reusable up to 150 times
  • Keeps food fresher, longer.
  • 100% made by bad ass people.

Etee Reusable Food Wraps

Plus Points:

  • Plastic releases pesky chemicals that leach into our food and our bodies. It’s causing quite a stir:
  • Our wraps are plastic free, they preserve food – naturally – with beeswax, coniferous tree resins and essential oils all infused in an organic cotton cloth.
  • Our landfills & oceans would benefit from a low plastic diet and single use plastics are the main culprit…
  • Our wraps are reusable and because they’re all natural, when you’re done with them, they go away – just toss them in your compost or trash and they’ll decompose like leaves…
  • A POP OF COLOUR: Organic food is now widely available. Each time you see these bright beauties, they’ll help remind you that there is a better way.
  • The wraps are great. The 3 sizes are helpful and they hold their shape well. Ordered them at the same time as the canvas Tote and all were delivered quickly. Even liked the ETEE packaging they all came in…organic feel, thoughtful and true to it’s brand and mission.

Minus Points:

  • Without an internet connection, you cannot access this system.

Don’t believe Steve Reble’s Etee Reusable Food Wraps ?

Once you read through the numerous testimonials from happy clients you’ll also find that I put my money where my mouth is… This ingredients is backed by a Clickbank provided 90 Day Money Back Guarantee so at any point, if you aren’t seeing results, pull the pin and get your money back! Simple.


In conclusion, Etee Reusable Food Wraps is highly recommended! if you want to take advantage of this incredible opportunity, you will need to act this Etee Reusable Food Wraps fast!!  Regular use of these ingredients leads to an amazing life health changing forever. If you’re not satisfied with the results of Etee Reusable Food Wraps Ingredients, you could simply send a mail to the author, and he will refund your every single penny within 90 days. This is a risk-free investment.

In case,  you are not satisfied with the results of Etee Reusable Food Wraps, then you can claim for refund money. This is a 100% legitimate and verified offer with zero risks for you. Get in first and make some real health success! It works for me, so I know it will work for you. Go on, take advantage of this offer and take absolutely no risks.

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