Facebook Ad IQ Academy Review – Does It Work Or Scam?

My honest Facebook Ad IQ Academy – Is Maxwell Finn Facebook Ad IQ Academy Scam Or Really Work? Discover Facebook Ad IQ Academy best course to invest for you Or not? Secret Exposed inside…

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Author Name: Maxwell Finn

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Facebook Ad IQ Academy Review

Hello every body, Are you struggling to write ad copy that converts? Are you having trouble setting up your pixel and creating the right custom audiences? Are you unable to truly understand all the data you are collecting and determine which ads you should pause and which you should scale? Are you struggling to find the right audience to target with your ads? Are you tired of finding an ad that works only to have it all fall apart when you try and scale? Are you finding it impossible to stay on top of all the new features and updates that Facebook makes? Here Facebook Ad IQ Academy the perfect program for you. THE GAME CHANGER YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR You’ve Basically Discovered Cheat Codes For Facebook Ads. A Step By Step Blueprint For Consistently Creating Profitable Facebook Ads Like A Pro! Enroll in the most comprehensive and knowledge packed Facebook Ads course on the market. Gain instant access to over 30 hours of videos covering everything from finding the perfect audience to scaling your ads from $10 to $10,000+. This program will put you on a level playing field with the multi-billion-dollar industry titans.

What is Facebook Ad IQ Academy?

Facebook Ad IQ Academy is the incredible program that provides you all the possibilities of online Facebook advertising riches. You don’t have to bother about money again. Maxwell Finn said The reality is that there is a successful Facebook ad strategy out there for every business in every industry. Unfortunately, a vast majority of business owners don’t know how to really take full advantage of the Facebook ad platform. They don’t understand how to properly research their market, A/B test, identify winners, scale profitably or maximize customer lifetime value. This program Everyone needs a coach and mentor. This program Join Over 2,000 Marketers and Entrepreneurs Who Are Crushing Facebook Ads Today.

How Does Facebook Ad IQ Academy Works?

Facebook Ad IQ Academy is the most powerful Facebook Ad course This is not just another social media marketing course where you get access to a handful of generic videos with zero support. Courses like that are a dime a dozen. This program Ad IQ Academy students get access to 100+ detailed video lessons. New videos are added on a regular basis and there is a level of personal attention that very few programs offer, especially ones that don’t require a monthly subscription. This Facebook Ad IQ Academy program Learn everything from getting started with custom audiences to advanced post-purchase retargeting strategies.

There are tons of courses on the market promising to make you rich in an insanely short window of time. If this is something you are looking for then we should part ways now because that is not what Ad IQ Academy is all about. This course is for people who are willing to invest the time and money required to build and grow a real business. The days of throwing a trending design up on a tee, running a bunch of Facebook ads and making 6-7 figures are over. The winners in the future will be the people who use Facebook to create relationships, build a community and maximize customer lifetime value. With this program, Get in touch with me on a weekly basis to go over how your learning is progressing!

What Will You Learn From Facebook Ad IQ Academy?

  • Author creating an incredible private Facebook group, but also by going live inside Zoom once a week in hour long sessions where Max can work personally with all of his students.
  • This program Ad IQ Group Training Is Included When You Purchase The Full Course For Three Months.
  • After The First Three Months, Access To Ad IQ Group Training Is $197 Per Month And Is Billed Automatically.
  • Ad IQ Academy currently has students who are in the process of launching their first ecommerce store and students spending 6 figures a month on Facebook Ads. Students at both ends of the spectrum are experiencing amazing results!
  • The course contains 100+ videos. The total length of the video section of the course is 40 hours if watched straight through.
  • When combined with the PDFs, the full-length of the course is 20 hours (depending on how fast of a reader you are). Plan to take 5-7 weeks to complete the course.



  • Facebook Ad IQ Academy is free to access and easy to make serious money.
  • It is the best way to Learn the basics of the Facebook Ad platform and build a rock solid foundation.
  • Learn how to profitably scale winning campaigns using advanced strategies including manual bidding.
  • This program helps you to make $ 2000 each day.
  • This system will work for everyone who has zero experience and zero knowledge in online advertising.
  • It is user-friendly and highly reliable.
  • This program is cost-effective and more valuable.


  • Facebook Ad IQ Academy has no offline availability.
  • It is not a quick-rich system. You can able to make substantial profits each day.

Facebook Ad IQ Academy


I endorsed this Facebook Ad IQ Academy to you because it helps you to make the money you deserve. You will get an incredible feeling never dissipates.The best part of Facebook Ad IQ Academy is that it has so much content that it provides incredible value for both beginners and advanced advertisers. Beginners will find topics like setting up the pixel and learning how to create every type of ad available incredibly valuable. Advanced advertisers will find topics like manual bidding and Messenger growth hacking strategies just as valuable. Here, you have an opportunity to join the elite circle of the high-earners. You have lifetime access to the Academy, which includes all the course content and the private Facebook group. If after you complete the entire course and attend the weekly trainings you have not at least made your money back we will issue a full refund no questions asked! This program allows you achieve the life you deserve a life of luxury. You have to take decisive action and begin living life.

If you want to take care of your finances, you will get instant access.

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